Blue Bird Corporation: Driving Positive Change in the Community

Blue Bird Corporation: Driving Positive Change in the Community

Why Blue Bird Corporation?


Blue Bird Corporation is a leading manufacturer of school buses and electric buses, but their impact extends far beyond the transportation industry. With a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, Blue Bird is driving positive change in the communities they serve.

Community Involvement Programs

Blue Bird understands the importance of giving back to the community. They have implemented several community involvement programs that focus on education, environmental sustainability, and social welfare. These programs include:

Blue Bird Scholars: This program provides scholarships to students pursuing careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields, encouraging academic excellence and supporting the next generation of innovators.
Blue Bird Cares: Blue Bird actively supports organizations that improve the lives of children and families. They donate buses to various non-profit organizations, ensuring safe and reliable transportation for those in need.
Blue Bird Environmental Initiatives: As a manufacturer of electric buses, Blue Bird is committed to reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental sustainability. They actively work towards creating cleaner and greener transportation solutions.
Blue Bird Volunteer Day: Every year, Blue Bird employees organize a volunteer day, where they dedicate their time and effort to assist local charities and organizations. This day of service helps make a meaningful impact in the communities they operate in.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I apply for the Blue Bird Scholars program?

To apply for the Blue Bird Scholars program, you can visit the Blue Bird Corporation website and navigate to the “Community Involvement” or “Scholarships” section. They provide detailed information about the eligibility criteria and the application process.

2. Can my organization apply for a donated bus from Blue Bird?

Yes, Blue Bird accepts applications for bus donations from eligible non-profit organizations. You can reach out to their community relations department or visit their website for more information on the application process and requirements.

3. What types of environmental initiatives does Blue Bird undertake?

Blue Bird is heavily invested in environmental initiatives. They focus on developing and manufacturing electric buses powered by renewable energy sources, such as batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. They also actively partner with other organizations to promote sustainable transportation solutions and reduce the carbon footprint of their bus operations.

4. How can I participate in Blue Bird’s volunteer day?

If you’re an employee of Blue Bird Corporation, keep an eye out for announcements regarding the annual volunteer day. Typically, the company sends out emails or posts information on their employee intranet with details on how you can sign up and participate. It’s a great opportunity to give back to your community and make a difference!


Blue Bird Corporation is not just a manufacturer of buses; they are a company dedicated to driving positive change in the community. Through various community involvement programs and initiatives, Blue Bird is making a tangible impact on education, environmental sustainability, and social welfare. Their commitment to corporate social responsibility sets them apart and makes them a leader in their industry. By choosing Blue Bird, you are not only getting a quality product, but also supporting an organization that actively works towards a better future for all.

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