The right care for your gaming chair (2023)

Our high-quality gaming chairs are not everyday commodities. They are an investment in your health, comfort and gaming pleasure. If you want to rest your buttocks on the lush seat cushion for as long as possible and keep your arms in the right gaming position on the soft backrests for many years to come, you should take good care of your gaming chair. If you follow our cleaning tips, your seat will still shine in its usual splendor even after several years of service.  

How do I clean my gaming chair?

Passionate gamers know the importance of maintenance and care of gaming equipment. For this reason, dust, crumbs and fingerprints are meticulously removed from the computer, and the screen and keyboard are cleaned regularly. The care of the gaming chair is often forgotten. The seat in particular needs a lot of attention! 

The gaming chair fabric - What to consider!

At first glance, the fabric cover of your gaming chair may not appear dirty. However, microorganisms, dust and dirt particles that are invisible to the naked eye adhere to the fibers. Accordingly, cleaning the fabric seat should be done regularly and thoroughly. Several times a year you should do an extensive basic cleaning. Depending on your gaming habits, the time interval between maintenance sessions will vary. For casual gamers, it is sufficient to clean the seat three to four times a year. Professional gamers and passionate long-term gamers should use a cloth much more often.

If the basic cleaning is due, proceed as follows:

  • To remove visible dirt such as dust and crumbs, you can use a (hand) vacuum cleaner. 
  • Stains should be removed before the substance can penetrate the fiber. 
  • With the help of a microfiber cloth and lukewarm water, most of the stains can be treated.
  • Stubborn dirt stains can be tackled with commercial dry foam cleaners or a mild detergent.
  • The instructions for use of the cleaning agents provide important instructions for use.
  • Foam cleaners should usually be allowed to soak in for at least 48 hours.
  • Only dab the fabric! Intensive rubbing damages the fibers.
  • Excess moisture should be absorbed with a kitchen or dish towel.
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Chair cleaning the other items

The other components of the gaming chair require less maintenance. With the damp microfiber cloth at your side, you can polish the base, the armrests, the gas spring and the casters. If you want to prevent unsightly water stains from forming, you should then take a dry microfiber cloth and dry the clean individual parts. This is mainly for the Exo FX and Exo Platinum.

The gas spring is very sensitive. Be careful when cleaning the chair and handle the special spring with kid gloves! It is important that you keep your hands off the greased parts of the gas spring. If you accidentally wear off the lipid layer, you should replace it with a suitable grease.

Hair tends to get caught in the rollers. If too many strands collect on the rollers, this can restrict your freedom of movement with the gaming chair. Moreover, the tufts of hair are anything but visually appealing. You can remove the rollers and remove the hair with a light pull.

Care and maintenance tips for gaming chairs

For the care of the gaming chair, you can follow the cleaning of office chairs:

  • Avoid exposing the gaming chair to direct sunlight. Otherwise, the fabric covers will quickly lose their color intensity.
  • The individual parts of the gaming seats can be damaged in the immediate vicinity of the heater.
  • The fit of the screws and armrests should be checked regularly.

The right product to care for your gaming chair

The RECARO cleaning set consists of an upholstery cleaner and a surface cleaner, as well as a cleaning sponge and a microfiber cloth. The set is ideal for treating the breathable fabrics of the RECARO Rae, the RECARO Exo, as well as the neck support. The power of our products gets to grips with the stains and gives the fabric a new shine. Discover the original cleaning kit from RECARO.

Taking care of your gaming chair - Why is cleaning so important?

The majority of gamers only react in acute emergencies. In reality, we highly recommend a constant basic cleaning. If the seat shows signs of use, it is already too late to repair the damage quickly and easily.

Thus, the chair is strongly affected by sitting for hours. Body perspiration is transferred to the cover fabric and, in the worst case, can lead to discoloration of the material. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for body odor to transfer to the seat. Treatment with suitable cleaning agents drives the body's own aroma out of the fabric and puts an end to bacilli and other microorganisms.

If you eat and drink while gambling, small mishaps occur again and again. Quick action is called for here. Because if the substances penetrate the material, the stain can no longer be removed so easily. In general, it is certain that constant and appropriate care of the individual components ensures that you can use the beloved gaming chair for a long time.


How do you take care of a gaming chair? ›

The best way to keep a gaming chair clean is to make a habit of tidying it up regularly. This can involve wiping down the chair with a damp cloth, brushing off crumbs, or running over the fabric with a vacuum cleaner.

How do I know if my gaming chair is good? ›

What should you look for when buying a gaming chair?
  1. Armrest. Armrests help to relax the shoulder and neck area. ...
  2. Backrest. It is important that the backrest is height-adjustable, because the top edge of the backrest should reach up to the shoulder blades. ...
  3. Lumbarsupport. ...
  4. Chair mechanics.
Oct 3, 2022

Why is it important to have a good gaming chair? ›

Having poor posture can result in back pain, knee pain and headaches. A gaming chair will reduce muscle fatigue by supporting your body in all the right places. Notice the high back on gaming chairs? This is for neck and head support, essential for maintaining correct posture when gaming for long hours.

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