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You decided to organize your best friend’s baby shower.

Don’t regret it!

I am here to help you to choose where to host your baby shower.

The best part?

In this guide, you’ll learn that you can organize a baby shower in untypical places like :

  • a tea room
  • a botanical garden
  • or even a farm!

Let’s get started.

A Baby shower at home?

Traditionally, baby showers are held at home, either at the host’s home or the future mother’s.

Baby showers celebrated in homes give the celebration a sense of intimacy and comfort for the guest.

However, one of the biggest downsides of hosting a shower in a home is the inevitable after-the-party mess.

Yes, being in charge of the cleaning up of the entire space can take much time.

For this reason and to give you some unique ideas of baby shower places, I’ve compiled a list of 15 original places to throw a great baby shower bash

and not deal with the clean up later!

(Do not thank me)

​The Importance of an Original Venue/Space for the Baby Shower

Apart from avoiding a cleanup situation, choosing the right venue for the shower is essential.

You’ll need to think about the shower’s concept and how you want to make it unique and memorable.

Showers held at homes are traditional, sure, but also pretty versatile in terms of decoration, color choices, and overall arrangements depending on the space.

Moving the baby shower out of the home is a creative step that will give the shower a whole new concept, which is brilliant.

However, depending on the space you end up choosing is how people are going to feel, walk, dress, etc.

My advice?

You first choose the perfect venue for the vibe you to achieve.

Are you interested in a green, outdoor, hippie-chic vibe? Or brunch at a fancy restaurant? After you decide this, start arranging other details such as decor, seating, food choices, etc.

On the other hand, you can really make the parents’ baby shower memorable.

After you decide where to host the baby shower it’s time to book the space.


Read the next chapter…

Book the Baby Shower Venue ASAP

You might end up choosing a venue depending on when the baby is born.

For instance, for spring/summer babies you might be interested in an outdoor venue.

Due to this, you might want to book 4 to 6 months in advance do to the high-demand.

For fall/winter babies and indoor rooms, do the same.

Especially if you’re interested in indoor meeting rooms in December, which are packed.

As soon as you book the venue, the better.

Don’t wait until a couple of months before the shower to book.

So, now what are these places?

Discover now!

15 Original Spots & Venues to Throw a Baby Shower

1. A Tea Room

The 15 Best Original Places to Throw a Baby Shower - NeoLittle (1)

Can you imagine a cozy afternoon in your local tea room?

In a tea room, guests will be able to enjoy talks, delicious tea, and treats.

Tea rooms create a sense of intimacy and are private and quiet.

A baby shower hosted in a tea room is stylish and chic, the entire concept of a tea room include fine china and overall elegant decor.

Because of this, it is up to you if you want to add decoration plus the cake.

Depending on the vibe, you can even plan some games and activities for guests such as wish writing for mom.

Check our recommendations: Baby shower games – 65+ Ideas that your guests will play.

2. Restaurant

The 15 Best Original Places to Throw a Baby Shower - NeoLittle (2)

Depending on the guest number, you can book the entire venue or make a reservation for a few tables or one large one.

For the entire venue, you can decorate freely. If you want to propose a few games and activities you can.

If you book some tables, the best option is to make dinner invitations for the mom and guests.

Ask the restaurant owner for some table decorations if possible.

This is still a nice, intimate moment outside of the home and suits the celebration well.

However, this is not a private party, so games may be limited.

3. Botanical Garden

The 15 Best Original Places to Throw a Baby Shower - NeoLittle (3)

If you live in a rather “green” area or you know of botanical gardens in your city/town, call to book as soon as possible.

These are lovely spots for people to meet and experience a baby shower celebration outside of the home.

It’s great for relaxation, pretty views, and precious walks.

4. Terraces

The 15 Best Original Places to Throw a Baby Shower - NeoLittle (4)

If you’re sure the shower will take place during sunny and warm weather months, terraces are enchanting- in a good way, of course.

The lovely view, combined with special food and drinks service is perfect.

If you know of a cool rooftop terrace in your city, call to book.

You will need to consider the possibility of other guests using the area as well, especially if you’re planning on booking during peak season.

Nevertheless, call to check if any private areas are available if you prefer privacy.

5. Community Centers

The 15 Best Original Places to Throw a Baby Shower - NeoLittle (5)

Community centers are affordable alternatives to restaurants or terraces.

Centers such as these have several rooms available so you won’t need to worry about the guest count.

In terms of decor, drinks, and food, you will be responsible for providing these.

Also, make sure to check the clean-up services as well, most community centers do offer these.

Reserve the community center for some hours for plenty of time for fun and games.

6. Church Hall

The 15 Best Original Places to Throw a Baby Shower - NeoLittle (6)

If the parents to be are faithful, you can consider hosting the shower in a church hall.

Worship places generally have additions rooms for social events and gatherings such as Christianizing receptions and weddings.

As community centers, you will be responsible for food, drinks, and decor.

Due to the venue belonging to a religious establishment, make sure you choose games and activities appropriate for this space as to not be offensive.

7. Bed & Breakfast

The 15 Best Original Places to Throw a Baby Shower - NeoLittle (7)

Traditional bed and breakfasts include a sophisticated area for meetings and gatherings.

These spaces are designed for events and locations such as these can provide some outstanding services.

If you have a bed & breakfast in mind make sure to book as soon as possible.

8. Farm/Barn

The 15 Best Original Places to Throw a Baby Shower - NeoLittle (8)

Barns and farms are adorable spots that are becoming more and more popular to host celebrations.

These rustic and natural locations create a homey vibe too.

You can easily create a lovely themed event that will look brilliant in photos.

Especially if you’re going for a whimsical and charming theme.

For all your woodland concepts, these are the perfect venues.

Make sure you contact them with time due to the popularity these venues are gaining.

9. Outdoor Picnics

The 15 Best Original Places to Throw a Baby Shower - NeoLittle (9)

If you live in a city or town where green is aplenty, then you need to take advantage of this.

These charming parks provide covered areas that have lovely views and overlook lakes, water features, or creeks.


The great thing about these, apart from being brilliantly enchanting, is how affordable rent can be – and there’s always parking available.

Plus, if you think about it, nature is the perfect backdrop for the most charming celebration and the photos that result from it.

Baby showers are no exceptions.

10. Vineyards

The 15 Best Original Places to Throw a Baby Shower - NeoLittle (10)

If you haven’t thought about vineyards for your baby shower, you have to now.

Mom will be delighted to enjoy her shower in an outdoor area while popping the cork with friends and family – even if she’s not drinking, there’s still many activities and lovely views in this location.

Think about the whimsical vines and the sloping hills.

Vineyards are perfect for a stunning baby shower, and memorable too!

Vineyards also provide nature and everything else for the event.

11. Club House

The 15 Best Original Places to Throw a Baby Shower - NeoLittle (11)

Clubhouses generally provide private rooms with excellent decor where you can comfortably host a baby shower.

This is a great way to host a celebration away from home and in the most private and intimate way.

Plus, many clubhouses will offer snacks, food options, and drinks for events such as these.

You will need to contact the clubhouse and ask for a detailed service list, to check if this fits your expectations.

The best thing about clubhouses is how private they can be so friends and family can enjoy a nice private environment.

Clubhouses are great for baby showers hosted for the couple.

12. Hotel Room

The 15 Best Original Places to Throw a Baby Shower - NeoLittle (12)

You can organize a lovely party in a hotel room, especially if you plan on inviting close friends and family members.

This is definitely a unique experience because you would be proposing a stay-over party, which is something out of the ordinary.

Plus, hotels will provide everything you need, from drinks to decoration and food choices.

They will take care of every party detail.

All you have to do is enjoy it.

A stay-over party is always great to reminiscence with your friends, it’ll create special bonds, and will be fun and unique for the mom-to-be.

An event like this is not common, especially once the baby arrives.

13. Breweries

The 15 Best Original Places to Throw a Baby Shower - NeoLittle (13)

Like with vineyards, breweries are great places to host an event even if alcohol is not on the agenda.

Breweries have cool, modern decor and provide areas for people to gather and meet.

Many times, breweries have green spaces that provide beautiful natural views.

Breweries are designed with community and large gatherings in mind, so if you were thinking of a private event, you might be sharing the space with other visitors, unless you book the entire brewery for your event.

The great thing about these areas is the chairs and tables available, all you have to do is bring the decor.

14. Tent

The 15 Best Original Places to Throw a Baby Shower - NeoLittle (14)

Maybe you have a set location in mind with the perfect natural views and outdoor setting, however, you need some comfort in terms of “roofing” and shade.

You can always rent a tent to solve this issue in no time.

Tent rentals will also include wonderful options for customizations and decor.

If nice weather is on the agenda, you can get an open tent on the sides, and if it’s cooler out, you can rent a tent with closed or windowed sides and include heating units.

Tent rental companies will also include necessities such as chairs, tables, tablecloths, and much more. All you have to do is call to find out.

15. Outdoors

The 15 Best Original Places to Throw a Baby Shower - NeoLittle (15)

Regardless of the event type or the guest count, baby showers held in outdoor locations are always very popular, relaxing, and charming.

Baby showers held outdoors are perfect for showers held in summer or spring?

Even in early fall, it’s always a splendid idea to celebrate a shower in a park or any outdoor area, mainly because of the versatility, and the endless options for event types.

From a picnic to a huge gathering on a long table, or a brunch in a private garden.

The best thing about throwing outdoor parties is the space you’ll have for outdoor activities and fun games.

Plus, if you want to leave decor, food, and drinks to someone else, you can hire an event agency as well as a rental of a suitable tent, plus chairs and tables.

You won’t have to do any of the work, just sit back and enjoy with the mom-to-be, she’ll be delighted!

There are so many alternatives when it comes to venues that will make your baby shower memorable and truly unique – an event that everyone will remember for years to come.

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope you enjoyed my complete guide about the baby shower location.

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say:

Have you decided where you want to celebrate it? ​

Do you still want to do it at home?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

Also, now you kno where to organize a baby shower. But do you know when and how to do it ? I tell you everything about when to have a baby shower here and how to do it here.

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