Rock your baby back to sleep in the best nursing chairs (2023)

Mamas and Papas Hilston Nursing Chair and Footstool

  • Best: Overall nursing chair
  • Colour options: Four
  • Chair dimensions: W75cm x H78cm x D83cm
  • Weight: 26kg

Bridging the gap between style and practicality, the Mamas and Papas hilston nursing chair is by far one of the most aesthetically pleasing we’ve come across, especially if you choose it in the fabric of the moment – off-white boucle. Designed with a modern look, it has an ergonomic shape that left our back feeling supported, while its cushioned arms are positioned at an optimum height for improved comfort during feeds so you can say goodbye to soreness and cramps.

The thick foam cushions of the chair feel firm yet manage to sculpt to your body so you can feel relaxed without sacrificing your posture and we loved the rocking motion, which feels smooth and gentle thanks to the chair’s sturdy solid oak legs. Available in five fabric and colour choices, which all feel soft and luxurious, we also appreciated that the chair comes with a reversible cushion that can be simply removed for quick and easy cleaning should you have any accidents, which, let’s face it, are inevitable with a newborn.

If you’re looking to put your feet up while feeding or soothing your baby, be sure to snap up the matching footstool, which can be purchased as part of the bundle for £759. Seriously chic and effective, this chair will serve you well beyond the baby years and looks just as at home in any other room as it will in your nursery. So, while it is certainly an investment, we think it’s one that’s sure to stand the test of time.

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iL TuTTo Lulu Glider Nursing Chair in Vanilla Boucle

  • Best: Luxury nursing chair
  • Colour options: One
  • Dimensions: H75cm x W73cm x D90cm
  • Weight: 39.2kg

From the moment it arrived, which was surprisingly a super speedy delivery for free postage, we were instantly blown away by the luxe look and feel of the boucle fabric. The elegant style complements any modern home, no matter what room you choose to use it in.

We found the gliding sensation a much easier motion for our sore, postpartum bodies and were thankful for the 360-degree turn to prevent any stiff jolts that might irritate a nursing baby. Due to the large sizing, we were unable to squeeze it into our little one’s nursery but adored it as part of our playroom, which saved having to lug the heavy chair upstairs.

We were grateful for its long lifespan as it perfectly doubles up as a relaxing spot for your little one to read as they grow older as they much prefer the swivel compared to a rocker when they are tall enough to have fun spinning themselves. We were pleased that the chair lived up to its price tag and actually felt like the stunning fabric made it look even more expensive in our home.

If you have enough space in a nursery or playroom and looking to bring some luxury into a modern room, we recommend this large option and love it most for its easy breezy rocking and swivel motions which do the perfect job of comforting baby with two different movement options.

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Ikea Poang Rocking Chair

  • Best: Budget rocking chair
  • Colour options: Six
  • Dimensions: W68cm x H95 cm x D94 cm
  • Weight: 11.49kg

We love this minimalist rocking chair for nurseries with less space and muscles that are weak. While flat packs can be a pain to put up, this chair took under 10 minutes to put together and saved too many cooks trying to carry a heavy, bulky chair upstairs. Thankfully, when pieced together, the chair is super lightweight and easy enough to carry into your bedroom to make those bleary eyed feeds a little less painful.

We were grateful for the easy rocking motion which costs a fraction of the price as other rockers and helped keep the nursery budget in order. A massive bonus is that the seat cover, which simply velcros in place and has suprisingly lost-lasting comfort for a thinner padding option, is easily replaceable if you ever want to change colour schemes or are struggling to fight a stain.

We were very also happy to find out that Ikea sell replacement cushions (£30, in six different colours. A very reassuring reason to buy this item for a room that’s bound to experience plenty of messy accidents. And as you didn’t spend too much on the chair, we recommend snapping up the matching footstool for £45 (

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Ickle Bubba Eden Deluxe Nursery Chair and Stool

  • Best: For back support
  • Colour options: Three
  • Chair dimensions: H93cm x W74cm x D93cm
  • Weight: 19.5kg

This chair is a great supportive option for anyone with back issues thanks to its high back and firm seat, as well as an additional cushion for extra lumbar support when needed. Sturdy yet comfortable, it has a sleek design, meaning it will fit in well with most nursery styles or other rooms in the house when the time comes, and a spacious seat that makes even long periods of sitting a breeze.

Available in three colours – pearl grey, charcoal grey and ochre – there’s an option for lovers of minimalist or maximalist design. And while the woven fabric feels soft against naked skin it’s durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

As a rocking chair, it features solid pine legs that not only offer a nice contrast to the main seat but also provide a temperate gliding motion ideal for soothing your little one to sleep and helping you unwind at the same time. The chair also comes with a stool that’s upholstered in matching fabric and we liked that the cushion is detachable, meaning it can be cleaned easily if someone forgets to take their shoes off beforehand.

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Dunelm Eddie Sandstone Sherpa Tub Chair

  • Best: Static armchair
  • Colour options: Four
  • Dimensions: H76cm x W74cm x D75cm
  • Weight: 11kg

If you love the look of the Mamas and Papas Hilston but aren’t wedded to the idea of a rocking chair, this static option from Dunelm is a great alternative and, even better, comes at a fraction of the price.

With a classic tub chair design, it feels roomy to sit in without taking up too much floor space and we love the cream-coloured boucle fabric that feels soft yet hardwearing and promises to give any room in your home a modern look. The back cushion sits at a good level, delivering great lumbar support and, despite its downy appearance, we were surprised at just how firm the base cushion feels. While we found this benefitted us when sitting for long periods of time, it’s something to consider if you prefer a softer seat. We also really liked the slender solid wood legs, which are a nice touch, and that the chair can be used anywhere in the home once the little ones are grown up.

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CuddleCo Etta Nursing Chair

  • Best: Stylish nursing chair
  • Colour options: Five
  • Dimensions: L90cm x W70cm x H86cm
  • Weight: N/A

We adore CuddleCo’s stylish take on the traditional rocking chair which turns it into a seriously chic statement piece of any modern nursery. The neutral beige cord fabric brings warmth into the room and perfectly embraces your body with a cosy hug from its extra thick, soft cushioned seat.

The luxuriously soft padding and large armrests help support your back and sore body when you need it most. We could honestly sit in the chair for hours, relaxing and happily rocking ourselves to sleep. It’s a compact contemporary rocker that fits neatly in a smaller nursery. We were grateful for the handy tool that comes equiped within the packaging to easily slot the rocking legs on once upstairs.

The chair’s sturdy oak legs are made to last and we were grateful that the rocker looks just as gorgeous elsewhere in the house for when your little one grows up and you want to add some contemporary comfort into another room. Etta is available in five stunning colour choices, including a bang-on-trend boucle off white design.

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Tutti Bambini noah rocking chair and pouffe set

  • Best: Versatile nursing chair
  • Colour options: Two
  • Product guarantee: 3 years
  • Dimensions: L87cm x W79cm x H100cm
  • Weight: 22.6kg

Tutti Bambini’s noah chair is one of the most versatile and practical options on this list. It’s brimming with features that not only mean it will take the strain out of comforting your little one for long periods of time, but will likely become a prime feature of any room in your home once they’re fully grown.

With a minimalistic design, it looks the part, coming in a choice of two muted colours – stone or pebble. Aside from its good looks, it has been designed with new parents in mind. It boasts an ergonomic shape for full back support, comfortable curved armrests that won’t leave you aching and Scotchguarded fabric that means it’s protected from pretty much any kind of spill and can be spot-cleaned where necessary.

Its advantages don’t stop there. We loved that the chair also comes with a choice of either rocking bars (which deliver a nice, relaxing motion) or oak legs, so you can convert it into a statement static armchair when you’re ready. You can choose to buy the chair as part of a set with a pouffe included, or pick up the footstool separately (£70, – either way, we’d highly recommend it so you can make the most out of putting your feet up during bonding time. Made from knitted cotton, the pouffe has a cosy feel to it and the best part is that the cover is removable and can be chucked into the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

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Gaia Baby Serena Rocking and Nursing Chair

  • Best: For large nurseries
  • Colour options: Five
  • Chair dimensions: L79cm x W80cm x H90cm
  • Weight: 21.2kg

If you’re looking for a cavernous chair that can become part of your home for many years to come, this is the one for you. The large seat base is big enough that you can sit with your legs crossed or have your little one beside you once they’ve grown for cosy bedtime reading sessions. Of course, its bulkiness does mean it’s best suited to those with more space, so that’s something to keep in mind.

The chair is classically minimalist with a square shape that lends itself well to comfortable sitting. The armrests are fairly low compared to other styles we tried, which helps keep your shoulders relaxed, and we liked that the chair comes with a removable cushion, which you can use to prop underneath your arms should they start to feel heavy or for additional lumbar support.

The legs have a Scandi-inspired look to them and are made from quality natural birch wood, allowing you to sit back with a smooth rocking motion ideal for relaxing. We also appreciated that the cushion covers are removable and washable.

There are a number of colourways up for grabs, from neutral tones to ochre and ocean blue. There’s also the option to buy a coordinating ottoman (£129.99, that not only acts as a handy footstool but also offers storage for things such as books or feeding accessories thanks to its liftable lid. This chair is sold out right now but you can sign up to receive a notification when it’s back.

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Obaby Round Back Rocking Chair

  • Best: For all interiors
  • Colour options: Two
  • Dimensions: L85cm x W70cm x H80cm
  • Weight: 17.15kg

With white rocking legs and soft neutral cushions – pick between creamy oatmeal or soft grey – this nursing chair will look right at home in most interiors. Made with a sturdy solid wood frame, the build quality feels great, while the thick foam seat and curved back cushioning provide all-around comfort.

We loved the wide seat on Obaby’s chair, which gives plenty of space for you to snuggle up with your little one, even as they grow. The rocking bars mean you sit fairly low to the ground and provide a smooth, rocking motion that’s not only great for the baby but also for the parent when they’re in need of some “me” time. We also liked the up-to-date design, which features stylish arrow shaping on the back cushion and a soft yet durable weaved upholstery that promises to look fresh for years to come.

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Homebase Sophia scallop occasional chair

  • Best: Affordable style
  • Colour options: Five
  • Dimensions: H77cm x W64cm x D71cm
  • Weight: N/A

While your nursing chair needs to be practical, you shouldn’t have to compromise on style, which is where this trendy option comes in. One of the best-looking chairs in this round-up, it’s probably no surprise that it isn’t sold as a nursing chair per se, but don’t let that put you off – it’s a lovely piece of eye candy but it has the added bonus of being a joy to sit in too.

Ideal for making a big impact, the chair mixes mid-century styling with understated glamour thanks to its scallop back, tapered brass legs and rich velvet materials, which come in a choice of seven colours, from blush pink and duck-egg blue to grey and teal. Style aside, the chair is surprisingly comfortable with a firm seat, supportive winged back and relaxed arms that we found made it a pleasure to sit in.

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Ikea Poang

  • Best: Basic armchair
  • Colour options: Five
  • Dimensions: W68cm x H100cm x D82cm
  • Weight: 10.30kg

By far the cheapest of our selection, Ikea’s poang chair – which has been sold in stores for more than 40 years – might not be a purpose-designed nursing chair, but it’s become a popular choice among many new parents, and for good reason. In true Ikea style, it’s no-frills in terms of looks with a simple oak frame but there are several hues and patterns to choose from when it comes to the cushions, which are removable and machine-washable.

Featuring a super high back, the chair gives ample support and, while the cushions aren’t overly padded, they’re soft enough that you’re able to get in a comfortable position when bonding with your little one. The legs are particularly unique on this chair too, as it sits on a frame that can be gently bounced, which is ideal for helping to soothe fussy babies. There’s also a footstool (£45, available in the poang range, as well as replacement cushions (£30, should you experience any stains or spills that the washing machine can’t banish.

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