Jot Down Important Memos in the Best Leather Notebooks (2023)

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While we rely heavily on our electronic devices for everything these days, there is something to be said for pulling out a high-quality, hefty-feeling leather-bound journal to draw, write, or sketch anything your heart desires.

Below are some of our favorite leather notebooks of 2023 that come with all the style, comfort, and versatility needed to keep them on hand at all times. These notebooks make the perfect writing companion, come with both lined and unlined paper, and can be also used as a datebook, sketch, or doodle pad.

We have included both refillable and non-refillable notebook options, some with eco-friendly paper and specialty bindings that help them lay flat for comfortable writing. Some of them also come with a convenient pen and/or pen holder and a functional front or back storage pocket that will hold any important documents or receipts.

Compare the Top Leather Notebooks of 2023

Moonster Leather Journal Notebook—Best Overall

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This handmade journal uses thick, premium quality leather which makes it more soft, supple, and durable. This, combined with handcrafted thick, recycled cotton paper, gives the user an authentic writing experience in a journal that will last a lifetime. These journals also have an authentic leather strap closure, and a convenient pen holder, and come with a cotton gift bag for storage and protection.


  • For every journal sold, a donation is made to help fight pollution and climate change


  • This journal is non-refillable

C.R. Gibson Brown Leather Journal—Best for Travel

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Perfectly sized for easy on the go, this smart leather journal is crafted with genuine bonded leather and a coordinating elastic band closure to keep it safe and secure. This journal also consists of 240 ivory-colored, acid-free lined pages and a specially sewn binding allows the journal to lay flat when writing.

Cooleather Leather Journal Notebook—Includes Planner

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Similar to our first option, this multipurpose leather journal and planner makes keeping track of appointments, your work schedule, and any sketchings something you will look forward to. The leather is soft to the touch with a natural, distressed look that will get better over time, making it look older and cooler than it is. It is also filled with 120 sheets of lined kraft paper that works with most pens and will lay flat for easier use.


  • Scratches can be easily rubbed away with your finger or cloth pad


  • This journal is not refillable

Moonster Leather Tree Of Life Journal—Most Elegant Design

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Made from genuine buffalo leather, this handmade leather journal and writing notebook has a uniquely embossed tree design on the front and 240 pages (back and front) of thick, unlined writing space. This notebook is small-medium in size and is compact enough to throw in your bag and take with you while traveling and easy enough to pull out whenever the inspiration strikes.


  • The paper is handcrafted of recycled cotton which is acid and tree-free


  • This notebook is non-refillable

Poromo Leather Writing Notebook—Eco-Friendly

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Unlike many options, this leather journal can actually last a lifetime as it is easily refillable thanks to its unique design: simply insert a new notepad when needed into the specially designed space. It has a soft touch, authentic leather exterior with a naturally distressed look, and can be used as an appointment book, daily journal, sketchbook, diary, and even scrapbook. It is also outfitted with a convenient pen holder on the outside for fast and easy access.


  • Refilling the journal is easy and accessible as it is compatible with almost all A5 notebooks on the market


  • There may be a slight scent

Maleden Leather Writing Notebook—Best Vintage Style

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This charming faux leather journal has a vintage feel with a compass pattern engraved on the front. The addition of two retro-looking pendants hanging off of a strong leather string serves to help keep the book closed and can function as a bookmark as well. This six-ring journal comes with unlined craft paper, is sturdy, and can be refilled at any time easily with a push ring open and closed.


  • This journal is refillable


  • This journal is not made from real leather

How to Buy a Top-Rated Leather Notebook: A Buyer's Guide

What Kind of Leather Are Leather Notebooks Usually Made From?

The quality of the leather notebook depends on the type of leather used to make the book. Depending on what you are willing to pay, you can find different leather notebooks at different price ranges. Let's have a look at how some of the leather used for notebooks differ from each other.


Full-grain leather is one of the most high-quality types of leather since it is made from rawhides that are not buffed or sanded to smoothen out the texture of the leather. Full-grain leather is very durable and with constant use over time, it tends to develop a patina which is highly sought after in leather products.

Top grain

Top grain leather is another decent type of leather used for notebooks. This type of leather comes in different thicknesses and degrees of durability, depending on what it's being used for. The thickness of the top grain is measured in millimeters. Since top grain leather is durable and also develops a patina over time, it is also quite suitable for notebooks.

Corrected grain

The surface of corrected grain leather is corrected or altered. To hide any imperfections that might be present on the leather, it is buffed or sanded. Other than that corrected grain leather is often coated with a leather dye. However, this type of leather is not the best in terms of durability.

Simulated leather

Simulated leather is another popular type of leather used for leather notebooks. This type of leather is synthetic and is designed to imitate real leather. Though notebooks made from this type of leather are not the most durable, they still, offer more durability than bonded leather. Moreover, since this type of leather does not cost much, notebooks made from simulated leather are easier to afford.

How to Pick the Right Kind of Paper for Leather Notebooks

Just like the different types of leather used to make leather notebooks, the type of paper used for each notebook is also different. The type of paper used for the notebook can affect the overall price and quality of the notebook. Let’s have a look at how these differ:


It is a high-quality paper that has a similar feel to bank papers. It is lightweight and offers a smooth and clear surface for writing. Other than that, since this paper consists of rag pulp, it is quite durable as well, hence you won’t need to worry about papers randomly ripping out of your leather notebook.


Wove paper is another great option for notebooks. Though nowadays wove paper is made from machines, you can still find some manufacturers that offer handmade wove paper. Wove paper offers high-quality results and has a stiff feel to it.


As the name suggests, recycled paper is made from used paper waste. This type of paper contributes to an eco-friendly environment and helps conserve natural resources. Despite being recycled, this type of paper offers good quality results and has a very smooth feel to it.


Though this type of paper is not popularly found in journals, it is a great option for writing since it is durable and has a high-quality finish. Leather notebooks that consist of cotton paper tend to be more on the expensive side since it is more durable and stronger than paper made from pulp.

How to Choose a Leather Notebook

To choose the ideal leather notebook, you must consider the following factors:


The size of the leather notebook is something you must consider to ensure that you can easily carry it wherever you want by slipping it into your bag or your purse. Other than that, the right size of notebook largely depends on what you would be using it for. Though pocket-size notebooks offer portability, these are smaller in size and come with few pages. Larger leather notebooks, on the other hand, are heavier in weight and size but offer more pages to write on.


A lot of leather notebooks come with a 30 days manufacturer’s warranty. These notebooks can be returned to the seller if you experience any problems with the product. If the notebook you receive is damaged or does not live up to the claims of the manufacturer, then it is important that you bring the attention of the customer’s service to the issue as soon as possible. All in all, a product that comes with a warranty usually provides the peace of mind that you are purchasing a high-quality product and that your money won’t go to waste if it does not deliver expected results.


The type of leather used to make the notebook can either make or break the quality of the product. There are several cheap leather notebook options available in the market, however, keep in mind that these don’t last long. Other than that, the sturdiness of the binding of the notebook also affects its durability, Hence, it is important that you look for a leather notebook that is made from high-quality leather and offers maximum binding durability.

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