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설 잘 보냈나요 - did you have a good new year
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Can, you see me?, AROHA.


Can you see me?? Hi., "Hi, I, love, you"., "Hello"., Yes., "Hi"., "Hello, miss you"., "Hi"., "OMG"., "Hello"., "I, love, you".

I, love.

You too.

I came out of nowhere.

Huh? I wanted to do something new.

I was writing the title.

And the title I always use, "Just.

One, 10, minutes".

I wanted to write it down, but I decided to try something new.

I wanted to ask you.

If you had happy lunar, new year., So I made the title asking the question.

And I wanted to surprise you.

So I, didn't use the chat.

It's nice to be spontaneous, sometimes., Right?, To surprise, you., Something, you probably didn't even imagine.

It's nice when something nice happen when you didn't, even expect, it., It's, nice to get something when you didn't even expect it to happen.

You feel double happy and thankful.

No? Yes, I came because I missed AROHA., "Baby, I, miss you"., "I, love.


"How are you?" I.

Spent the holiday in Jeju.

I had work.


Today, I had some work earlier.

But I also have some more work at night.

I had some time in between.

So I wanted to ask you if you had happy holidays.

I was going to take the selfie.

But I was like "Should I.

Take the video?" So I took some video and I was like "Should I.

Go on V LIVE?" So here, I am., Yes, I.

Am in Jeju.

Yes, I.

Am in Jeju Island.

"I will send you 1 million new year food to you".


Million? How, many side dishes are there then? Since, my staff and I were all here during the holidays, we wanted to celebrate the lunar, new year., It's, nice to have some tteokguk.


It will make us 1 year.



We decided to go grocery shopping and cook.

So recently.

We went to E-MART recently, and we bought all the groceries.

Japchae and what else? Green onion and beef broth.

And new year.


Sesame, leaves, Jangjorim, marinated, quail, eggs., And.

Some kimchi..

We were going to eat them.

But didn't have time.

They are all in the refrigerator.

I'm, not a good cook.

But I do want to learn it.

The staff will cook for me.

It's, windy here., Because, it's, an island.

"Be careful, not to catch COVID".

Got, it., AROHA, stay healthy.

"Love, you"., Did.

It show? I was working and I fell down and got hurt recently.

Something was stuck here.

So I had to take it.




"Someone is behind you?".

The door is moving because of the wind.

AROHA, how was your lunar new year? Holidays? Did, you have yummy food? Did.

You get one year older, now?, AROHA?, "I, cooked and washed dishes.

Tired, tired"., Good, job.

"I had to work for the holidays".

"I didn't get to eat Tteok-guk.

So didn't get one year.


Just like me.

We can have it together.

Come, here., "Do, you know, Singi, Bangi, Bbung, Bbung, Bangi?".


Did this before.

Singi, Bangi, Bbung, Bbung, Bangi., Kung, Kung, Ddari, Kung, Kung, Dda., "Is, the tangerine good?", I uploaded it on my SNS.

There are so many tangerines in Jeju.


They are very generous.

I realized that there are many tangerines here in Jeju.

Whenever I go to a restaurant..

Recently, I went to twisted doughnut place.

And there are so many tangerines in boxes.

You can just eat it or take it.

You don't have to pay for it.

You can have one while you're waiting for your food.

You can take one when you walk out., There are so many restaurants and cafes which give out free tangerines.

I thought it was so cool.

That tangerine was from a cafe.

I went to this cafe on the way to airport..

I was waiting for my coffee.

But they said, I can have some tangerine.

So I had it.


Happy, new year., Happy, lunar, new year., Happy, lunar, new year.

I was in Jeju for a long time.

And now I feel like a resident here.

I couldn't be with my family, but I can see them when I go back to Seoul.

"What's, your favorite food for new year?" My, favorite new year.

Food? What do I like?, I..., I think, Tteokguk., Because, it's, symbolic.


If you eat it, you feel like you're, definitely one year, older., Tteokguk., Tteok, Mandu, guk with some egg and seaweed, flakes.

With a bit of pepper.


You marry me?", Marry, you?, I guess I will marry one day.



"Singi Bangi is the term made by JEONGHAN from SEVENTEEN".

JEONGHAN made it? I used Singi Bangi since 10 years, ago., Singi, Bangi, Bbung, Bbung, Bangi, I used the term since 10 years, ago., Am, I, wrong?, I used the term before.

When, I, talk, I used to say, Singi, Bangi, a lot.

Singi, Bangi, Bbung, Bbung, Bangi, Kung, Kung, Ddari, Kung, Kung, Dda., Kung, Kung, Ddari, Kung, Kung, Dda., Kung, Kung, Ddari, Kung, Kung, Dda., "Bbung, bbung, bangi, too?", No?, I think I never used it.


Does it sound so familiar? He made it well.

Yes, visiting your family and coming back home..


A lot of traffic, huh? You were on the road for 6, hours? It's, not easy.

I feel sorry for you.

Hi!, I, bet..., I bet you were so tired.


Take some rest.

I think today is the last day of the holiday, right? Today is the second day? I was going to come on V LIVE later, because some of you might be working now.


You might be at a cram school, or you are busy doing something.

But I have work.


I wanted to come and surprise.

You., "I, didn't want to run long distance, today"., "But, I think it was the good thing to do".


You ran long distance, today?, I'm, very good at it.

When I was young, I used to live in Sanbon.

There was a mountain called Suri Mountain, right by my school.

We had to run as fast as we can until we arrive at the mountain.

I ran for 2 hours in a row without resting and I got 1st place.

I was 1st place in the entire school!, Right., I, wasn't, bad at sprinting.


There were many others who were faster than me.

But I was good at running long-distance.


You play basketball?" Recently, with staffs of "Island", and also actors and actresses of the drama.

We played futsal together.

I played sports after quite a long time.

And it was fun.

I played soccer after a long, time.

"Should, I study now or later?" Do.

You mean, you're going to study now? Are you going to be with me, then? Or.

Do you mean that you're turning V LIVE off and leaving? No.


You watch 'all of Us, Are, Dead'?", Is it.

The zombie drama? One of my staffs recommended the drama so I watched, it.

I watched it.

And it was fun.

Zombies are so scary.

Right, JINJIN and ROCKY held an offline fan sign.


AROHAS may have met them in person.


Are you good at playing bowling?"? Not bad.

"SANHA's drama is soon being released".

I, know., He, messaged me earlier today., He whined about the long, wait time during his drama, shoot.

So I told him that it happens.

All the time.

"Have you ever visited.

Udo island?".

I want to.

I've, never been there.

I really want to visit Udo.


I'm, curious, how it's like.

At Udo.

You drive a small car around the island.

I searched about it.

You have to ride a boat to get to the island.

Sounds like fun., But, I, don't have the time..

I want to visit Udo.

Island., I've, tried peanut, makgeolli, (rice, wine) from Udo.


You want to try acting in a zombie genre?", A, zombie, genre?, Well.

Those extreme genres, such as action.


I think it'll be fun to act in a extreme genre stronger than "Island".

It's, fun., I'm having so much fun shooting "Island".

It's, a different kind of fun that I've never experienced before.

Going to the filming site is so fun.

And I'm, very enjoying the drama.



Wish I could show the drama to you very soon., The, dramas, I've been in before were on air around the end of the filming schedule.


The filming schedule was over when the drama also ended.

So I felt like I was showing the drama to AROHAS right? Away., But "Island" has bigger scale.


There are many post-shooting works to be done such as visual effects.


The first time for me to be in a pre-filmed drama., So I'm, not sure exactly when the drama is going to be broadcast., Anyways, I, can't, wait to show it to AROHAS.

I want to see it myself too., "Did.

You watch yesterday's soccer, game?" I watched.

The highlights.

We won by 2:0! The.

Korean soccer.

Team is amazing.

Why do I, love soccer and basketball.

So much?, I, love ball.

Games., My, hair's longer, right? It's because I can't go to Seoul.

"Is MJ doing well?".

Yes, he's doing great.

We were group chatting earlier.

Today., One of our dancers, Hansol..


His birthday, today.

We were saying happy birthday in our group.

Chat, today., And MJ saw the message a bit late.


He checked the message a bit late.

MJ sent us a message.

We call Hansol "Sorry, sorry".

Because it sound similar to his name.

"Sorry, sorry" is his nickname.

And MJ, recorded himself singing "SORRY, SORRY" of SUPER.


And is was so funny.

MJ's doing great.


Your favorite soccer, team?" First of all, I, really like Tottenham, where Son is playing.

And, except Tottenham, I also like Liverpool.

Anyways, I was curious how AROHAS have been doing during Lunar New.

Year holidays.

It was a surprise, V LIVE for AROHAS.


Hope you enjoyed it.

Coughing?, Right., The, cough isn't, going away.

I think my bronchial tubes are weak.

Last year.

When I was shooting "True, Beauty", During, the cold winter, I, wasn't sick, but was keep coughing.

I don't have fever.

But when it's cold I cough, a lot.

When I, am in cold or dusty places, I cough, a lot.

But, just coughing.

I've been taking pills for about a week.


If it seems like the cough is going away, when I'm in cold places or dusty places, I cough again.

I think my bronchial tubes are naturally not so healthy.

Bronchial, tubes?, Bronchial, tubes., I, even take candy-type pills.


The, one that tastes like medicine., It says, it's strawberry flavor, but it's not.

It're, really like a pill for cold.

Tastes like toothpaste., The, bitter one! I've been eating warm food.

A lot too.

"Namaste", Anyways, I'll finish filming.

The drama.

And also prepare.

Many other things.

Have, a wonderful, Lunar, New, Year, holidays., Stay, healthy, don't, be sick., Let's, look forward to when we could meet each other soon.

I'll make a surprise visit again, soon.

I'll, be going now., Bye, bye., Have, a great day.


Staying overseas, have a wonderful day.

Too., Have, a wonderful, day., Thank, you., See.

You again., Bye, bye., Bye, AROHAS., Bye., Bye, bye..


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