ENG SUB【浮世双娇传 Legend of Two Sisters in the Chaos】EP32 | 李怀瑾黑化打算散布先皇遗诏(李治廷、孟子义) (2023)






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#浮世双娇传 #LegendofTwoSistersintheChao


♪ Clouds falling into the sea ♪ ♪, Look at the stars in the sky, ♪ ♪.

They said the light under the sea.

♪ ♪ Is just a fantasy.

♪ ♪ Want to touch ♪ ♪, The blue sky, ♪ ♪.

I do not believe the sea is ashes from the sky ♪ ♪, Because in my eyes, ♪ ♪, You are that light.

♪ ♪, The unfathomable depth of the sea, ♪ ♪ Can not stop me from running to you.

♪ ♪ Tears are turned into glass, ♪ ♪ Jasmines grow out of the wound.

♪ ♪, Who said the clouds flowing upstream ♪ ♪, Can not embrace the brightest star, ♪ ♪.

Let the world define ♪ ♪ A tragedy or a miracle ♪ ♪, Even if it is wrong.

♪ ♪, Still name it.

An unearthly misery, ♪, = Legend of Two Sisters in the Chaos = = Episode: 32 =.

Why are you always fond of making it a secret? For me, It is just a sand table.

Is there anything special with it? It is not an ordinary sand.


=, Fengxiang =.

I will take you anywhere whether it is on the sand table or not.

Jiang Shao.

Residence of Jinzhan.

The final destination is our home.

Why did you escape from the wedding? Why did you want to kill my father? I didn’t kill your father.

Why? Why Jinzhan you…? Let go of me., I didn’t kill your father., I don’t believe it.

General Zhang said you had killed my father.


I didn’t kill your father.

It’s true.

I came back to the capital city with him.


If you don’t believe me, you can go back and check it.

Your father is waiting for you, there.

Don’t cheat.




Go now.

Let’s go now.

as birthday gift some days ago.

Why did you give me gifts today? Your Highness, This incense pill is different from the one some days ago.

It can clear up your mind and eyesight and eliminate your fatigue when you carry it on you.

Don’t underestimate this pill.

It took me two days to make it.

Two days To make it.

I inquired the imperial doctor about Your Highness’s physical conditions and then made it specifically for you.

It may not work so effectively on others., But it can clear up your mind and eliminate your fatigue when you smell it at the time of tiredness.

Unfortunately, the smell can last for only two days, as it is the first time for me to make it.

I will make new pills for Your Highness two days.


Two days are not a problem for me.

I will try it on., But I will take it as a laughingstock if it doesn’t work so effectively.

If so, just take it as a laughingstock.

If it is added with another ingredient., What is it Green, plum.

Mix chickweed leaves in incense pills and have Fu Yuzhan.

Wear it every day until the smells invade her body.

Two days later, I will visit her with green plums.

This way, please.

Your Highness Commander Li has come to visit you at the news of your return.

Prince Wei., Commander, Li.


I won’t disturb your talk.

I will leave first.


Steward, Follow Jinzhan.

Don’t expose her to anybody.


Please take a seat.

Great to see you here Huaijin.

What can I do for you today? I heard you have returned, and so I have come to visit you.

It is so great for me to see you back safely.

It seems you have also heard about my death during an assassination., But it turns out to be just a rumor.

It isn’t a rumor.

I really encountered an assassinator.

Have you found the assassinator, Not yet.? If the assassinator hasn’t been found, do you have any suspect I can dispatch my Imperial Guards to search.

You don’t have to.

Have you discovered the assassinator, then The man behind it covers himself up very well.

I haven’t got any clear clue about it.


You don’t have to worry about it.


Please feel free to contact me if you need my assistance.


Close the door.

Aren’t most of the servants here already dismissed.

Why are you still so careful I don’t want to make any trouble.

Greater attention can reduce the risk of being discovered.

I am sorry.


I had a chance to terminate such a sneaky life., But it was destroyed by your escape.

I am sorry for having misunderstood.

Prince Wei before making a clear, investigation.

Forget it., It is not completely your fault.

The man who slandered my father is to blame for it.

Take a seat.

I wonder if you have found the man who slandered my father.

But Prince Wei, already dispatched General Zhang Sheng for investigation, including the assassination of Prince Wei in my name.

We will certainly find the truth.

If the misunderstanding is cleared.

Will you leave me again? No, I will never leave you in my life.

Whatever may happen in the future., I appreciate that.

Master Does Fu Yanxin suspect you.

According to his words, he doesn’t suspect me., But he doesn’t know the man behind the assassination.

He will certainly dispatch his people to make further investigations.

You must take care and don’t leak out any clue.

I know.

Do you know whom he contacted with before the assassination.

I am sorry.

It doesn’t matter.

I am ready for it.

This person behind.

It must have disconnected all links with the assassinator before employing him to kill me.

Moreover, How can an assassinator provide effective clues? I remember the assassinator once said something like you had survived the last assassination.

It shows that he knew I had been assassinated.


Who knows it.


Jiang Shao wanted to kill me because he used to take me as the murderer of his mother.

This assassinator intentionally said Jiang Shao was his employer.

It shows they knew the relations between Jiang, Shao and me.

The relation between the employer and the person instigating the hatred between Jiang Shao and me is unknown now.

This is the focus and you must check it.



I will do it right.



= Baoci Palace =, Your Majesty, These tower incenses were all made by me., Please see which smell you like.

I like this smell.

I know you would like this smell., So I have made one full box for you.

You can read my mind: indeed.

Guo Fu, keep it in proper custody.

They are the incenses that Her Highness has made for me.


Never lose them.

Brother Sister Nice to see you here, Your Majesty, Your Highness.

I encountered Her Grace at the imperial garden, just now.

She was also coming to visit Her Highness, So I invited her to come here.


Brother, Please forgive us for having disturbed your dating together.

It is rare to see you here.

I can’t be happier actually.

Why will I blame you for that? If I hadn’t come here today, I wouldn’t have recognized Your Majesty and Her Highness lived with each other in this way.

I really admire you, so much.

You don’t have to.

It is said you have been getting along very well with Assistant Minister Zhang these days.

I am really very happy to hear it.

No kidding me Brother.

I have very much expected to eat green plums recently, but I have failed to find them in the whole city.

As the plum season is coming.

I have got and taken some plums here so that you can taste them., Please come and try them Your Majesty and Your Highness.

I have personally picked them.

I promise they are big, pulpy and sweet.

You purposefully replaced the poisonous incense pill before His Majesty.

Nobody believes you dare to do it right before His Majesty.

What can I do for you Master? It is good news that the late emperor still has an unrecognized son in the world.

We must make it publicly known soonest.

Just take it easy Master.

I have written some stories and provided them to the storytellers.

I believe citizens of the capital city will know them soon.

Well, done.

The officials will know it after the public.

All officials must know it as soon as possible.

I can’t wait to see the reactions of Xue Rong.

= Baoci Palace =, Your Majesty, Your Majesty Spare it.

It is said this Guqin score is a treasure of the world, as it contains many rare Guqin music., But you just fell asleep while reading it.

Is this score a fake one? It is a real one.

I must thank you for finding this score.

For me, Your Majesty, It contains many music that I have heard of, but never read before.

I, like it very much., Just be honest with me.

We are husband and wife.

If it isn’t fake.

Why do you become sleepy while reading it? I have felt tired and weak.

These days., I don’t know why.

I can’t get rid of the drowsiness.

However long I may sleep.

I feel very tired.: Are you pregnant Really Call the imperial doctor right, away.


Come on.

What symptoms do you have these days? Your Highness, I usually feel tired and weak.

and get drowsy easily.


Am I pregnant It isn’t pregnancy, Your Highness, Why does the empress have such symptoms if she isn’t pregnant Her Highness is weak and fragile and needs recuperation.

You are dismissed.


If so, you must follow the doctor’s advice and have a good rest.

I will leave now.

Your Majesty.

Her Highness has signs of intoxication instead of physical weakness.

Intoxication Yes.

Are you sure of it? Her pulse feels intoxication., But I am not sure of the exact kind of poison.

Guo Fu call in all imperial doctors.


Your Majesty, why are you back here? Did the doctor say anything to you? Am I very seriously ill No.? You are just over-tired.

I went out just now and asked Guo Fu to take the ginsengs.

They had contributed for your recuperation.

Don’t panic.

Then., Look! Your hands are sweating., It is just a minor disease.

Pay attention, even if it is a minor disease.

I don’t expect you to fall ill.

What conclusions do you have? We are sorry.

We can’t find the poison of Her Highness.

Do you have a cure? If you can’t find her poison, We have felt the pulse of Her Highness.

According to the pulse conditions and the information provided by Your Majesty and Lanpei, we recommend using rattan to control the poison in the body of Her Highness temporarily after our discussions.

But we are not fully confident in the effects.

How confident are you in controlling her poisons with rattan, We aren’t sure at all, until we make a try.

If it doesn’t work, Her Highness may die soon.? How is it possible? She was safe and sound just now and even said she would give birth to a son for me.

How is it possible for her to die soon? It is most ridiculous that all of you said the empress was poisoned, but none of you could offer a cure.

Please forgive us Your Majesty: Go in and diagnose her again.

Diagnose, Yuzhan again., Your Majesty.

We have diagnosed Her Highness successively and drawn the same conclusion.

Even if we do it again, we will only get the same results.

Isn’T there any medicine other than rattan to control.

It, Your Majesty, the use of rattan, is a cure that we believe deserves a try after careful consideration.

Keep it a secret., Never allow Her Highness to know it.

Any of you who discloses it will be severely punished.


I order you to use rattan as a cure to control the poison first.

The Imperial Hospital must also develop a cure.


All of you are the most famous imperial doctors in Lingyang.

I believe you can develop a cure.

Can’T, you Yes., Your Majesty Spare it Zhang.

Yongyao, I have a secret investigation mission for you.

The empress is poisoned and dying.

How is Her Highness now? She is well for now., But you must find out the poisoner.

Did Her Highness find anything abnormal before being poisoned? I didn’t ask her.: I don’t wish her to know she has been poisoned., So you must investigate secretly and don’t disturb her.


Find the poisoner and he must pay for it.

Yuzhan Yuzhan.

You woke up.

Come on drink some medicines.

What time is it now? Have you been here for long? You have slept for a whole day.

Come on drink the medicine first., Your Majesty.

What tonic is it? It has a very strange smell.

You said you dared to take all medicines, however bitter it might be.

It is not bitter.

It has a very strange smell.: How can you refuse to take medicines as you have a husband now? I will take it if it is just bitter., But it has a very strange smell.

Let’s change.

Another tonic.


This medicine is the most effective.

Come on.

I remember you said we had ginsengs.

May I take ginsengs No.

Just take it.

Your Majesty.

This medicine’s smell is really unbearable.

If there is another substitute tonic, why do I have to take it? Your Majesty Change another tonic please.? It is rare to see you pettish like this., But I still have to say no., Follow my advice and drink.

The medicine now.

Come on.

Doctor call the doctor.


Hurry up.


How is she Her? Highness is okay.

She vomited, because the smell is too strange.

Although it has a bad smell, it is really effective.

You will recover soon.

After taking it.

Thanks doctor., I will request to serve it.


Just hold on and drink it, Your Highness Okay., I have to withdraw now.

You have promised the doctor.

Will you honor it Yes.

I will.? I will drink it, however hard it.


= Mansion of the Princess, = Wang Hai.

How many years have you served as an Imperial Guard? I have served as the Imperial Guard for five years sir.

I remember you were admitted into the Imperial Guards because of Mother’s recommendation.


My ancestors were also officials in the government., But my family declined thereafter.

Luckily, I was recommended by Her Grace to the Imperial Guards.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have had the achievements today.

Mother recommended you just at her convenience then.

You have made your achievements as a senior officer today completely based on your personal ability.

Without Her Grace’s recommendation, I wouldn’t have been able to give full rein to my ability.

I will always remember the merits of Her Grace.

Mother would certainly feel very happy to hear what you said.

His Majesty just broke.

His promise to give Her Grace a pardon, Your Highness What’s up Vomited again.

It is really too hard to drink it.

It is too hard for Her Highness to get used to it.


Can you give me a die Yes.? I have tried to drink it.

I see.

It doesn’t matter.

I will drink it.


I can manage it.

I have an idea.


Have a bet.

Have a bet, Let’s see who is the big and who is small.? If I lose, I must drink it.

If you lose, you must drink it.

How do you think about it? How can you drink medicines without illness? Take it easy.? I will drink.

It., It is a tonic.

Anybody can drink it.

I also wish to take some tonics.


in her body temporarily.

I am assured to see her drink the medicines.

You are dismissed., Your Majesty What’s up Your Majesty Doctor Hurry up Your Majesty.

Why do you have the toxin of rattan in your body? Did you take the medicine of Her Highness? You Majesty, How can you take the medicines We use rattan, which is another poison to control the toxins of Her Highness Rattan is poisonous itself.

A person without illness? Shall not take it.? How much did you take Your Majesty? I drank the medicines with Her Highness for a whole day.

I will prepare the cure for you right: away.

Hurry up, = Funing Palace =, Your Majesty, Your Majesty Do not drink the medicines of Her Highness anymore., But Her Highness still has one day’s medicines to take.

Her Highness is no longer resistant to the medicine.

She can accept rattan now., You don’t understand her.

Her Highness is intelligent.

If I suddenly stop drinking it with her, she will certainly become suspicious.

I don’t expect her to know about her poisoning., But Your Majesty … It would be better if you can develop a cure and eliminate her poisoning without her notice so that she won’t have to worry about it.

I will prepare the cure.

Please take it immediately after drinking rattans so that you won’t feel so painful.

Thanks, doctor.

Guo Fu Remember to heavily reward all the doctors of the Imperial Hospital.


Thanks for the rewards, Your Majesty, You are dismissed.

♪ Lost in the earthly life.

♪ ♪ Flowers are getting fierier ♪ ♪ Undercurrent from the silence.

♪ ♪ Fall in love, but have to be apart.

♪ ♪ Meet in dream.

Time flies fast: ♪, ♪, Countless mountains and seas ahead, ♪ ♪ From the spring to the winter ♪ ♪.

I know better what is love ♪, ♪ Being trapped in this life? ♪ ♪ Try to protect ♪ ♪, The momentary, love ♪ ♪ For your watery eyes, ♪ ♪.

I will give you all my tenderness, ♪ ♪.

All I want is ♪ ♪ To be with you forever.

♪ ♪ Meet you again at where we started ♪ ♪.

How many years we have missed ♪, ♪ Mountains and seas.

Witness our love, ♪ ♪! I will never let you go ♪ ♪.

May you have worries no more ♪ ♪ For your watery eyes, ♪ ♪! I will give you all my tenderness, ♪ ♪.

All I want is ♪ ♪ To be with you forever.

♪ ♪ Meet you again at where we started ♪ ♪.

How many years we have missed ♪, ♪ Mountains and seas, witness our love, ♪ ♪! I will never let you go ♪ ♪.

May you have worries no more ♪ ♪ Mountains and seas.

Witness our love, ♪ ♪! I will never let you go ♪ ♪.

May you have worries no more ♪

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