ENG SUB【浮世双娇传 Legend of Two Sisters in the Chaos】EP05 | 长公主派丫鬟入狱杀死曹英(李治廷、孟子义) (2023)



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#浮世双娇传 #LegendofTwoSistersintheChao


♪ Clouds falling into the sea ♪ ♪, Look at the stars in the sky, ♪ ♪.

They said the light under the sea.

♪ ♪ Is just a fantasy.

♪ ♪ Want to touch ♪ ♪, The blue sky, ♪ ♪.

I do not believe the sea is ashes from the sky ♪ ♪, Because in my eyes, ♪ ♪, You are that light.

♪ ♪, The unfathomable depth of the sea, ♪ ♪ Can not stop me from running to you.

♪ ♪ Tears are turned into glass, ♪ ♪ Jasmines grow out of the wound.

♪ ♪, Who said the clouds flowing upstream ♪ ♪, Can not embrace the brightest star, ♪ ♪.

Let the world define ♪ ♪ A tragedy or a miracle ♪ ♪, Even if it is wrong.

♪ ♪, Still name it.

An unearthly misery, ♪, =, Legend of Two Sisters in the Chaos = = Episode, 5 =.

Nobody has thought of a good matching verse for it.


The Gentle Breeze Touches the Fine Willows.


The Gentle Breeze Touches the Fine Willows.


The Vague Moon Covers the Plum Blossoms.


The vague moon looks so white that it even covers up the plum blossoms.

I didn’t expect a girl is so talented.

I really appreciate that.

If covers is replaced by loses the plum blossom and the vague moon will be merged so that one doesn’t distinguish the plum blossom and the vague moon.


I didn’t think about it.

I am sorry for that.

Get out of the way.

Get out of the way.

Miss please make way.

Get out of the way.

Get out of the way.

Take care.

Get out of the way.

Take care.

Get out of the way.

Madam, are you hurt? Thank you for helping me sir.

Are you separated from your family? Madam? I was together with my servant, girl just now., But I lost my way.

Negligently and just can’t find the way back.

Don’t worry.

I am familiar with the roads here.

I can help you find your servant.


No thank you., Madam.

How about your foot? Maybe I got it sprained just now.

It doesn’t matter., Madam.

It may be a minor or a major sprain.

Can you tell me the look of your servant girl? I will dispatch my footman to find her.

Madam, it looks like a major sprain.

May I check it for you Well….

It may be a minor or a major sprain.

Don’t waste time.

Let me check it.



I made some corrections here.

It should be better.

Now., It is really much better now.

Master master.

You really scared me.

If I didn’t find you, I would not survive., It is OK, now.


I am in a good condition.

Thank you for your help, sir.

It is my pleasure.

As your servant.

Girl is here.

I have to leave now.

I have something for you.

I have taken some snacks for you and also a fur coat.

The snacks are freshly made.

Remember to eat them, as they are still hot.

It is cold in jail.


Remember to put on the fur coat at night to keep the cold away.

If you keep delivering such good dishes to me every day, it is not like a jail for me., Running errand and delivering you.

Something is what I can do for you.

Don’T expect me to break into the jail and save you.

You don’t have to, because I am innocent., But His Majesty has put you in jail.

My father put me in jail, not for the Big Coin.

Instead, he just wanted to remind me not to fight against his will.

I didn’t accomplish another mission.

What What mission Forget it if it is inconvenient., I just care about you.

What is more, I have a letter for you from Lady Yuzhan.

= Petition to recheck the Big Coins.

You and the Fu’s are in the same boat.


She said you must follow her instructions in the letter.

Does Lady Yuzhan really want to save me = Petition by Zhang Yongyao, Head of the Ministry of Justice, = = Petition by Xue Rong, Prince Jin =, They filed petitions simultaneously.

They filed petitions simultaneously and asked to recheck the Big Coins.

What is going on with Prince Jin in jail, Prince Jin keeps reading in jail.

He usually reads far into the night.

Well, who have visited him His subordinates.

Frankly, the youngest prince visited him most frequently.

He always took food or clothing for Prince Jin in every trip.

It is out of question that the Xue people always has a loving heart.

That boy….

What else has Jiang Shao done Other than visiting Prince Jin in jail? He has also been busy saving Prince Jin., But he doesn’t know really useful people., But he has a generous and heroic personality and gets along well with the prison guards.

His personality is really like that of Jiang., Distribute my order and request Zhang Yongyao to check the Big Coins again, some other day.

Yes, Your Majesty., Take a look.

Take a look.

Take a look at the sugar figurines.

Madam take a look at my sugar figurines.

It only costs a single coin.

Where is my Big Coin? What happened master My father’s Lucky Words.

Coin is gone.

The coin is gone.

Master’S coin is gone.

Let’s find it out for her.

Yes., Hurry up and search for me.

Search everywhere.

Please help me find it.



Is it here No., Go there and search.? You must find the Big Coin.

Go, there.

Hurry, up., Go there.

Hurry, up., Search, carefully., Yes.

Search, carefully.


Have you found it? No master.


You mean Lady Jinzhan has lost the Big Coin and is searching for it in the street Yes.

The Big Coins will be checked again tomorrow.

Why is the Fu’s Coin lost at this point? Ms.

Fu? Do you think we can find the real traitor by Jinzhan’s fake loss of the Big Coin? I am only 70 % to 80 % confident.

The Big Coins will be rechecked tomorrow.

The traitor can’t use the Big Coin of Prince Jin again, and so he must find another Big Coin.


The news about Jinzhan’s loss of her Big Coin is known by all.

We just wait patiently and we will certainly find some clues.

I can’t use a duplicate to pass.

The recheck tomorrow.

Secret guards are keeping an eye on me now.

It is impossible to flee with my family.

Master, a letter for you.

= Princess Royal set Prince Jin up.

Please save him and protect my family.


It is Princess Royal Yes.

Nobody has such great powers except her.

It is very windy today.

Why are you dressed up so scantily? I am not so weak.


Have you made any big trouble So long as you made any big trouble as a child? You always came to me for help at a small lane like this., You can always read my mind.


Can you lend me your Lucky Words? Coin.

Lucky Words Coin.

Why do you need it? Zhang Yongyao will recheck the Big Coins tomorrow.

I know it is a hard decision for you., But I have no way out.

I lost my father’s Big Coin negligently.

It is the rechecking time tomorrow and you tell me you have lost the Fu’s Lucky Words Coin.

How can Prince Wei explain to His Majesty? I have a solution.

Just lend me your Big Coin.

I can get a set of molds produced by the Coin Administration and reproduce a coin.

Lucky Words.

Coins have exquisite craftsmanship.

It is not easy to make a duplicate.

I have no way out.

I have to try.

Will you lend it to me Yes.? How can I refuse you? Thank you Huaijin.

I will return it to you after reproduction., Lady Jinzhan obviously have some plans on your coin.

How can you lend it to her? I couldn’t resist her when she begged me, like that.

Just look at yourself and your blind love in the mirror.

Listen if you can’t show your coin tomorrow, there won’t be any grace from me.

Sister don’t ask me to do things like this in the future.

Huaijin treats me candidly, but I just cheat him.

It is just a makeshift.

Take care., Give it to me.

Let me do it.

Give it to Huaijin.

Can we force Princess Royal to surrender the Big Coin of Prince Jin? We have to attack her crucial, weakness.

= To Princess Royal =.

The crucial weakness of Princess Royal is Li.

Huaijin., Yueying., Yes.

Call Huaijin here.


Was this Big Coin, taken away by Fu Jinzhan from you wasn’t it It is out of my negligence… Don’t lie to me.

You have always been partial to that girl.

You always place blind trust on her.

I just wonder why you only love Fu Jinzhan instead of the girls of so many notable families in the capital, city.

Mother, I damaged the Big Coin.


Do you want to be Xue Rong’s scapegoat Answer? Me.? Do you have a title of prince? Are you the apple of the emperor’s eye, Mother… Neither., You only have me Huaijin.

Listen., Zhang Yongyao will check the Big Coins.


Xue Rong personally claimed his Big Coin had been stolen and that his coin had a notch.

Do you know the results when you submit this notched Big Coin in the court Mother, I will tell the truth, and Jinzhan will also be my witness.

Silly boy.

Do you still trust Fu Jinzhan will prove for you now Yes.

What a big troublemaker you are.

Why are you so angry mother = Li Huaijin =, Commander Li? Why is there a notch on your Big Coin, I remember Prince Jin, said his Big Coin.

Had a notch during the previous check at Daqing Hall.

Can you explain it Commander Li? I negligently damaged it.

It is just a coincidence that my coin and Prince Jin’s coin both have a notch.

Is it a coincidence, Minister Zhang? Do you suspect the Big Coin of Huaijin has anything to do with that of Prince Jin? Remember Huaijin submitted his Big Coin at the Daqing Hall.

Last time., He just damaged it carelessly when he was playing it.

It is never a source of suspicion.


It is just a routine inquiry.


As Minister Zhang said, it is just a routine inquiry.

It is OK.

If my cousin can make a clear explanation.

You claimed you had damaged the Big Coin.


Do you have any evidence, Yes of course., That Big Coin was damaged by me., Your Highness.? Sorry for that.

Minster Zhang, please forgive my daughter.

You claimed you damaged the Big Coin.



I borrowed the Big Coin from Huaijin but damaged it carelessly.

I heard that the Ministry of Justice would have a recheck today, so I came here personally for fear of his being wronged.

It seems that the notch on the Big Coin of Commander Li was really caused by the reason claimed by Lady Jinzhan., Mr.

Zhong Yancheng.

= Cao Ying =.


Cao, where is your Big Coin? I have no Big Coin., No No.

Why Do you have any relation with the person communicating with Liu Chengfu The last question for you, Mr.

Cao., Are you the person who communicated with Liu Chengfu Somebody., Yes., Yes.

Arrest, him., = Ministry of Justice =? Thank you, Your Highness., For what Thank you for finding the Big Coin of Prince Jin and proving him innocent.

I have never heard about Prince Jin’s intention to marry a Fu.

In whose name are you expressing your thanks to me Sorry.? I have always heard about Lady Yuzhan’s, elegance, gracefulness and intelligence., But it seems to be just rumors.

I really can’t accept the education of your family.

A moral mother teaches her children to be moral.

I lost my mother when I was young, so I am definitely not a girl of morality and courtesy., But if an immoral person becomes a mother and fails to set a good example personally, her children won’t be well educated.

So I think it is really a great pity.

Luckily, her son has inborn kindness that makes him different from his mother.

How dare you said that.? It is just a debate on family education between Your Highness and me.

Naturally, children always favor what parents favor and oppose what parents oppose.

It is a time-honored conclusion.

I wonder how I have offended you, Your Highness., What a glib tongue you have Sister.



It is Cao Ying., Cao Ying.

Undoubtedly, Princess Royal has used Cao Ying as the scapegoat.

The owner of her Big Coin, must be Cao Ying.

Sister let’s go.

Your Highness.

Do you come to say goodbye to me? Mr.

Cao, did you anticipate the consequences today when you stole my Big Coin and betrayed me, I was forced to the corner by you.

If Prince Jin had died in Jincheng, the Big Coin would be useless.

Naturally., Both of us would be safe.

If Prince Jin came back safe and sound.

There would be an investigation into the person who had leaked secrets to Liu Chengfu.

I had no choice but to tell the truth to Prince Jin.

All people must pay for what they have done., So Fu Jinzhan knew about me because of you right.

I had no other way out.

It is understandable that you betrayed me., But you shouldn’t have got Huaijin involved.


Two, ladies of the Fu’s, are here to visit.


You can leave now.


Do you have any more concerns to discuss with me, Minister Zhang? Is it convenient for me to check these Big Coins Thanks for your kindness, Minister Zhang., I wonder: how will you handle these Big Coins? Naturally, they will be returned to their owners., Sir, if His Majesty has personally ordered the investigation.

These Big Coins should be submitted to His Majesty for checking firstly.


I agree with you, Lady Yuzhan.


Have you found anything special? The Big Coin of Princess Royal is exactly the same as the coin of the Fu’s., But the coins of Prince Jin and Li Huaijin both have a little yellowbird on them., But our coin has no such yellowbird.

It proves that the Big Coins that His Majesty distributed to royal families are different from those distributed to officials.

The one submitted by Princess Royal has no yellowbird on it.


She must have taken it from Cao Ying as a substitute of her own.

Her coin is actually in the hand of His Majesty.

You have made big progress after a few days’ stay in prison.


Our army consists of old young, strong and weak soldiers.

If it continues, I am afraid Lingyang will become inferior to enemies.

I hope father can train the army and choose good generals and soldiers.

It is a mission for you.

Thanks Father.

They are material evidences and should be submitted to Your Majesty for review.

= Fuqing =.

He further conspired with Pengze.

His crimes are unforgivable.

He has committed suicide for the crimes in prison.

His dependents will be registered as slaves and his family wealth confiscated.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Zhang Yongyao is a smart person.

He will certainly be a good helping hand to my son in the future.

Did you ask Zhang Sheng to buy the dependents of Cao Ying Yes., His Majesty registered his dependents as slaves.? I promised Cao Ying to ensure the safety of his dependents and protect them from Princess Royal.

You saved Cao Ying’s dependents and submitted the Big Coins to His Majesty.

It is a public confrontation with Princess Royal.

You are putting our family in danger., The rumor of Empress.

Fu has launched our family into big troubles.

How dare you take such reckless actions? Father the rumors about Empress Fu is already deeply rooted in the heart of all.

What we can do is to face it directly.

Good, to see you sister.

How are you Your Majesty? I am fine.

Thank you.

Come on.

Take a seat.

As the emperor of Lingyang.

You should take good care of yourself.

Ask the officials to deal with the routine businesses.

Don’t exhaust yourself on them.

As the emperor of Lingyang.

I should never relax myself on state affairs., Considering your leisurely state as my sister, you should enjoy yourself, more.

No kidding me.

I am already busy with Huaijin.

How can I have free time to enjoy myself? Huaijin is a good boy.

Don’t, restrict him too much.

Give him adequate freedom.

Anyway, you can’t control everything., Do anything within your ability.

Yes, I agree.

Huaijin is the only boy of our pedigree.

As his mother.

I must give him all the best.

I believe you can understand me.

What you said sounds logic.

In this case of Big Coins.

I am so lucky to have the assistance of our intelligent.

Lady Yuzhan., Otherwise it would be impossible for me to prove my innocence.

It is my pleasure.

I owe you my life for a couple of times.

I must pay you back anyway.

For fear of the rumors about alliance between the Fu family and me.

You have always been reluctant to have a private meeting with me., But things are different now.

Why? As my family takes military powers, we are suspected by all., We had to be expedient before., But this case of Big Coins.

Finally, forced us to resist the faction of Princess Royal.

This is not what I have wished., But I had to do it just to save you.

You risked so much to save me.

I owe you a great deal indeed.

I have persuaded my father to fully support Your Highness in the future.

If you succeed to the throne in the future, I hope you won’t forget our supports today.

If I succeed to the throne in the future, you will certainly understand me.


I have to go now., Lady Yuzhan.

I owe my life only to you.

Instead of the Fu family., I won’t be here without the Fu family., Your Majesty, He It’s him., Sir.

What can I do for you? You have been here for long, but haven’t chosen, anything.


You find anything interesting in the store.

You know me well sir.

I want to buy a satisfactory gift for one of my friends.

This store claims itself as a Treasure Pavilion, but I just can’t find any treasure fit for him.

Actually, good friendship originates from sincerity.

Your heartfelt friend won’t mind.

These worldly objects at all.

We are friends of life and death.

He treats me like his brother.

I just want to find the most suitable gift for him.

Can you tell me your story? Your Majesty, Will you take the youngest prince back to the palace ♪ Lost in the earthly life ♪ ♪ Flowers are getting fierier ♪ ♪ Undercurrent from the silence.

♪ ♪ Fall in love, but have to be apart.

♪ ♪ Meet in dream.

Time flies fast: ♪, ♪, Countless mountains and seas ahead, ♪ ♪ From the spring to the winter ♪ ♪.

I know better what is love ♪, ♪ Being trapped in this life? ♪ ♪ Try to protect ♪ ♪, The momentary, love ♪ ♪ For your watery eyes, ♪ ♪.

I will give you all my tenderness, ♪ ♪.

All I want is ♪ ♪ To be with you forever.

♪ ♪ Meet you again at where we started ♪ ♪.

How many years we have missed ♪, ♪ Mountains and seas, witness our love, ♪ ♪! I will never let you go ♪ ♪.

May you have worries no more ♪ ♪ For your watery eyes, ♪ ♪! I will give you all my tenderness, ♪ ♪.

All I want is ♪ ♪ To be with you forever.

♪ ♪ Meet you again at where we started ♪ ♪.

How many years we have missed ♪, ♪ Mountains and seas.

Witness our love, ♪ ♪! I will never let you go ♪ ♪.

May you have worries no more ♪ ♪ Mountains and seas.

Witness our love, ♪ ♪! I will never let you go ♪ ♪.

May you have worries no more ♪

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