Awaken: Chaos Era Hero Tier List for December 2022 (2023)

In Awaken: Chaos Era, there are 155 heroes in the game, that are separated by five elements of Fire, Water, Wood, Light, Dark. However, there are a certain set of heroes with a better skill set and abilities. It is recommended for players to have this hero, in order to, clear the chapter or beat the best in no time. We will list out our best heroes in our Awaken: Chaos Era Tier List based on each ability, list out the best recommendations. There will 4 rankings in this tier list (S+, S, A, B) with 5 main heroes in each tier. There will be a brief explanation and recommendations for maximizing each hero’s ability.

There are three roles, namely Offense, Defence, Support which are divided into the five rarities of Common, Rare, Elite, Epic, and Legendary. The entire roster is divided into eight factions of Holy Light Empire, Crisas, Lasir, Soulplunders, Sylvan Woodlands, Titan Icelands, Free Cities, and Dragonscale Marsh. Each hero has their own unique ability that will help players to walk through the game.

Awaken: Chaos Era Hero Tier List for December 2022

In this Awaken: Chaos Era Tier List, there will be four ranking in this tier list (S+, S, A, B) with 5 main heroes in each tier. There will be a brief explanation and recommendations for maximizing each hero’s ability.

S+ Tier

This tier will be filled with the best heroes, mostly come from Epic and Legendary heroes with the best skillset, and will bring a huge advantage in your journey.

ZatluxWoodDragonscale MarshStrong Carry, F2P Friendlies
GangeloWoodSoulplundersDoubles all poison damage.
SantisWaterSylvan WoodlandsBest poison DPS
AbaddonDarkSoulplundersBest DPS for bosses
BlackhornWaterSylvan WoodlandsBest Healer and Debuff Remover

1. Zatlux

Awaken: Chaos Era Hero Tier List for December 2022 (1)

Zatlux is an Epic, Offense, Wood hero from Dragonscale Marsh in Awaken: Chaos Era. Zatlux’s skills revolve around dealing a massive amount of damage to a single-target enemy, performing a killing spree, if he is able to defeat the enemy within that turn with his ultimate ability. This makes him one of the best mob-clearer for speed farming Adventure and Dungeons. Players must try to pair Zatlux with any AoE Attack Heroes to bring the enemy’s health low for Zatlux to perform the finishing blow.

2. Gangelo

Awaken: Chaos Era Hero Tier List for December 2022 (2)

Gangelo is not a farming-friendly hero with massive damage like Zatlux, but Gangelo will come in handy in the late game with its poison ability. The poison from Gangelo will already take effect at the beginning of the fight.

3. Santis

Awaken: Chaos Era Hero Tier List for December 2022 (3)

Santis is an Epic, Offense, Water Hero from Soulplunders in Awaken: Chaos Era. Santis is obtainable from Hero Synthesis, where players need to fuse Elson, Freya, Joseph, and Rujago, who are 3-Star Elite Heroes fully ascended and leveled up. Santis is a well-known hero used in Poison Detonation Team along with Gangelo and Ghajar as she can inflict Poison debuff and extend their debuff duration.

4. Abaddon

Awaken: Chaos Era Hero Tier List for December 2022 (4)

Abaddon is a nightmare for every boss. His damage per second is terrifying, while Soul Reaper will reduce all cooldowns by one turn. It is recommended for players to pair Abaddon with Ciara to increase damage from Abaddon’s ultimate ability.

5. Blackhorn

Awaken: Chaos Era Hero Tier List for December 2022 (5)

If players are looking for the best hero for a healer, Blackhorn is looking for. Blackhorn will heal the teams for 80% of Max Health, while the percentage will increase until 15% after Ascension. Pairing with Hakrin will increase Blackhorn’s healing potential as the Max Health is raised up.

S Tier

In this tier list, there are heroes with less skill effect and damage than S+ heroes. But, they would understand them, as they will bring a huge addition to the team.

CiaraWaterSoulplundersStrong DPS
HakrinWaterTitan IcelandsSupport with Defense Aura
Evelyn FirstdawnLightLasirGrant her team in an extra turn
ConnorFireHoly Lights EmpireHealing, Shield, and Attack Buff
YolandaWoodFree CitiesExtra Guard

1. Ciara

Awaken: Chaos Era Hero Tier List for December 2022 (6)

Ciara is the only hero with strong damage per second in this List. Her soul stealer will grant the boost for her attack as her stacks increase until you get an 8 % maximum increase for her attacks, while her ultimate expends all Vengeful Spirit and deals 200% damage to an enemy. This attack deals +20% bonus damage per Vengeful Spirit expended.

2. Hakrin

Awaken: Chaos Era Hero Tier List for December 2022 (7)

Hakrin is an Epic Defense Water Hero from Titan Icelands in Awaken Chaos Era. He is obtainable from Hero Synthesis, where you need to fuse Evelyn, Cece, Valuk, and Mulago, who are 3-Star Elite Heroes fully ascended and leveled up.

One of the best Epic heroes for PvE game progression and PvP Arena, Hakrin is used to set up Arena Defense stall team. He has the ability to improve all ally’s base defenses and their Max Health while crowd controlling an enemy with his Taunt.

3. Evelyn Firstdawn

Awaken: Chaos Era Hero Tier List for December 2022 (8)

Evelyn Firstdawn is a unique hero, that will provide the team with an extra turn to all allies, as well as 100 % damage that has been dealt with enemies with her ultimate Full Strike.

4. Connor

Awaken: Chaos Era Hero Tier List for December 2022 (9)

Players will really hope to bring Connor to the formation, as his ability to buff every stat in the team will be essential for your team.

5. Yolanda

Awaken: Chaos Era Hero Tier List for December 2022 (10)

Yolanda’s Shield of Light grants a Shield to all team members for 3 turns. Shield strength scales with the amount of health, which has been lost by each member. The shield greatly increases Critical Resistance. Pairing with Urzag will provide Urzag with near-death durability while pairing with Darkened Niclaus will provide Darkened Nicklaus with near-death durability.

A Tier

This Tier will be filled with heroes that will bring good addition to the team, as a support for the main hero. Players can explore lowered stages or easier difficulty, by using them as the main hero to increase their stats.

RickardWoodTitan IcelandArea of Effect and True Damage
TiaWaterFree CitiesCrowd control, Freeze.
Good for trial and Void Tower
AndreWaterSoulplundersExtremely strong basic attacks when he has rage.
HydrisseaWaterDragonscale MarshGreat for Wave Clearing, Amazing for Pvp.
OrakhFireCrisasGood DPS

1. Rickard

Awaken: Chaos Era Hero Tier List for December 2022 (11)

Rickard’s ultimate will deal total true damage, equal to 80% of this character’s Max Health to all enemies. Pairing with Hakrin will increase the damage of this character’s ultimate ability.

2. Tia

Awaken: Chaos Era Hero Tier List for December 2022 (12)

Tia is a Legendary, Control, Water Hero from the Free Cities in Awaken: Chaos Era. Tia’s skill kit revolves around crowd-control enemies, by slowing them with Frostbite and Freeze to prevent them from inflicting damage to the allies or inflicting any debuff and instant negative effect to the team.

She is an amazing hero for end-game content such as Endless Trial and Void Tower, where she freezes enemies who cannot be killed, within one until two hits from your AoE Nuke Attacks. Tia was available in Magic Pass Season 2 (Elite Pass Reward), as the reward for completing Tier 30 and 50.

Awaken: Chaos Era Hero Tier List for December 2022 (13)

3. Andre

When Andre is on his rage mode, he will grant a boost for his critical damage, until 50 %. They will get fifty until a 100 % chance to reduce his cooldown.

Awaken: Chaos Era Hero Tier List for December 2022 (14)

4. Hydrissea

Hydrissea is a Legendary, Offense, Water Hero from Dragonscale Marsh in Awaken: Chaos Era. Hydrissea can be obtained through Rookie Summon by completing Adventure Normaltwo until eight or Advanced Summoning Shards. If players are not able to get her through the five options of the Rookie Summon, one can perform an account re-roll.

Awaken: Chaos Era Hero Tier List for December 2022 (15)

5. Orakh

Orakh execution will remove all positive effects from a target and then deal 200% damage. Damage from this attack scales with the target’s max health. Pairing with Evelyn will enhance Evelyn’s ultimate ability.

B Tier

This tier is filled with heroes, that players can use if the player wants to experiment and cleared easier chapter or dungeon with this hero, in order to, increase their level. Players can use them as a preserve for their main heroes.

HasselFireTitan Icelands
HughWoodLasirSpeed Down Debuff
EarendilWoodSylvan WoodlandsDefense Down
MarianFireLasirGrant Life Steal

Final Thoughts

It is not possible to create the perfect ranking list, since each hero can be useful in certain situations, with the right team composition and excellent equipment set with godly stats. The heroes in this tier list are ranked, by comparing the heroes of the same rarity, based on their utility.

In addition, they are categorized according to how they synergize with other heroes, in terms of buffing allies and debuffing enemies. Therefore, everyone can win the battle more efficiently. Awaken: Chaos Era Best Hero Tier List is also counted, based on their performance in a dungeon, guild bosses, or PVP. But, players can try every combination that suits their fighting style.

If you wish to play this game on PC, you can download the free Android emulator Bluestacks fromhere.

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What are your thoughts on Awaken: Chaos Era best hero Tier List? Mention your thoughts in the comments below.

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What is the best tank in awaken chaos era? ›

Extreme levels of health and defense allow Corrupt Orakh the luxury of being an excellent tank in Awaken: Chaos Era. One of his other specialties is the ability to drain enemies while attacking them, using his Torment move, which absorbs 30% of enemy's damage in HP points.

How do you get legendary heroes in awaken chaos era? ›

Usually, players need to summon their Advanced Summoning Crystals or Limited Summoning Dust to obtain Legendary grade champions from the gacha system where the rates are very horrendous at 1% to get legendary champions.

What is hero recall on awaken chaos era? ›

[Hero Recall] Added Hero Recall function. Heroes who had major balance changes will be added to a recall list, and players can refund all resources by using the Recall function in the Altar. Recalling has a time limit, which usually will be a period of time after a Hero Balance change.

Is Garrell good in Awaken Chaos Era? ›

Overall, Garrell is a decent Legendary niche hero for countering highly defensive heroes.

Is Daimon a good tank? ›

He's an effective carry from the start of the game through the end - with an amazing kit for survival but for damage dealing as a tank.

What is the worlds best tank wow? ›

WoW Dragonflight Tank Tier List
A TierVengeance Demon HunterBlood Death Knight
B TierGuardian DruidBrewmaster Monk
C TierNone
D TierNone
1 more row
Jan 10, 2023

What is the gift code for the awaken chaos era? ›

Awaken Chaos Era codes valid in 2023:

fullspeedahead. FOODY. Hello100.

What is the universal hero token in era of chaos? ›

Universal Hero Tokens can be used in place of specific hero token for the purposes of ranking the hero up or unlocking a spell mark for that hero. NOTE: It cannot be used to acquire a brand new hero.

What heroes are good for the guild boss in awaken chaos era? ›

If the Rage Meter reaches 100%, the boss will wipe out your entire team with True Damage that cannot be blocked nor tanked! The recommended attacker heroes that can perform a high amount of attacks are Marian Shadowblood, Jacob, Hector, and Opal.

Who is the best hero in crypt era of chaos? ›

Dracon will be the best hero at this stage. All you have to do is use Clone on Gog and then let them do all the work. Notice that using Wind Wall on Gog before cast Clone will speed up the movement speed of the clone. This way she will move to the attack position faster.

Who is the final boss in the Awaken Chaos Era? ›

Darkened Nicklaus is the final boss in the campaign in Awaken Chaos Era. If you have already had the joy of facing this champion in the later stages of the campaign then you will know how much of an asset he could be to your team for progress.

Is chaos an anti hero? ›

Character traits

Chaos is an anti-hero in the Sonic series.

How do you beat Gemini Dragon Awaken Chaos Era? ›

The most efficient method to beat Gemini Dragon is to apply Poison on the boss to dwindle his Health slowly. Poison debuff deals damage based on the target's Max Health, which makes it a powerful arsenal especially in higher difficulty stages where enemies have enormous amount of Health.

What is true damage in Awaken Chaos Era? ›

Awaken Chaos Era True Damage is an instant ability that allows a hero to deal damage that ignores 100% of enemies defense, which is effective against tanky enemies with high amount of defense stats. The True Damage can be derived from the hero's stats or the enemy's stats (e.g. Max Health, Defense, Attack, etc).

What does focus do on Awaken Chaos Era? ›

Focus stat enables your hero to apply debuff aka negative effects on the enemy successfully. When your hero Focus stat exceeds the enemies Resistance stat, then the negative effect will be applied without the enemies being able to resist them.

What is the best tank in tank io? ›

The strongest tank(s) in the game are currently:
  • Destroyer. The destroyer is one of the strongest tanks in the game because of it's huge bullet damage and recoil. ...
  • Overlord. The overlord is the second strongest tank in the game, because of it's powerful drones. ...
  • Snipers (With 6/7 bullet penetration.)

What is the best tank in DST? ›

The best tanks are WX-78 (because he shocks enemies when attacked) and Wolfgang (because of his mightiness and high health). It's best to have two tanks or one tank and Wigfried or Winona to support the tank.

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